Matilda's Blanket System

About the system

StrataComfort is a fully accredited internal wall insulation system that transforms a properties performance characteristics quickly and efficiently with little or no disruption to the occupier’s daily lives during install.

The system is designed to be fitted internally and on the external facing walls of any hard to treat properties – typically, but not limited to, solid wall or single skin building construction.

The retrofit product ‘StrataComfort’ has been designed specifically for the retro fit market and principally to address the issue of poor energy performance of aged housing stock, however due to its construction and installation methodology StrataComfort brings with it a host of added benefits to the occupiers, installers and customers who own and manage volume housing stock.

Unlike traditional internal wall insulation solutions, the StrataComfort system is designed specifically for the property’s needs and doesn’t adopt the one size fits all approach. Rather than delivering raw materials to site for a physical build, StrataComfort is supplied fully engineered and boxed, with all components and instructions included for simple installation.

The benefits of a StrataComfort installation has revolutionised the IWI market and re-energised a retrofit solution that has, in recent years, been considered a last resort due to the level of disruption to the tenant or homeowner and a previously sizeable reduction in living space.

However, the StrataComfort system addresses both of these key concerns through a combination of high performance materials, system design and an installation that generates little or no waste and most significantly, doesn’t require wet trades.

How it works

  1. A vapour control membrane is applied to the existing wall overlapping the floor, ceiling, and adjacent walls to create an air tight seal.
  2. Special tracks are then fixed to the floor, ceiling and side walls and Matilda’s Blanket Panels are installed into these tracks
  3. New electrical fittings are already pre-mounted in the panels – and the plug and play system enables easy connection.
  4. The panels are designed and built off-site – each one specially tailored to fit the wall in that room – making the installation both incredibly fast and very simple.
  5. Special dampers at the foot of each panel are adjusted to lock the panels into position and put the wall into compression.
  6. The special laminate panels use leading edge insulation materials. When combined with the air gap between the panel and the wall, it creates a uniquely effective insulation system.
  • Matilda’s Blanket Panels

    Matilda’s Blanket Panels are constructed using a unique six part lamination of high-tech materials. With the sealed air gap between the wall and the panel, the system provides heat, sound and fire insulation well beyond regulatory standards.

  • Slimline solution

    The system is a slimline solution that takes up just 81mm of space – about the same as a radiator

  • Hard wearing

    The front face of the new wall is hard wearing and extremely strong (so you can hang things on it but you can’t put your fist through it!); and all joints are sealed to provide a perfectly smooth finish that is decorated straight away.

  • Significant savings

    As no plastering is required, there are significant savings in installation time and cost; and minimal disruption for the residents, who won’t need to move out of the property.

  • Done in a day

    In most cases an entire room can be completed and decorated, in just a day.

  • Warm air

    After installation, the warm air in the room is reflected back into the room, rather than being cooled at the wall. The sealed void behind the panel also reduces the temperature drop from inside to outside, and helps to prevent damp and condensation.

  • Cheaper to run

    The room is returned to how it was before – except that now, the house is much warmer and much cheaper to heat.

Technical and Credentials

  • Matilda’s Blanket has been tested by the UKAS approved National Physical Laboratory and shown to deliver a remarkable insulation u-value of 0.28
  • The systems performance has been verified as part of a Solid Wall Insulation Trial with the Energy Savings Trust
  • Air tightness was also tested and shown to improve by 35%
  • The System is Fully BBA Approved, and ECO and Green Deal compliant
  • Panel lamination includes a highinsulation foam core and three separate layers of air-tight, vapour control membrane. The wall is covered in an additional membrane layer, and a 15mm air gap is created between the panel and the wall
  • All the materials within the panels are rated Class ‘O’ with a fire resistance of 60 minutes
  • The severe duty front face of the panels is extremely rigid and robust with high fixivity
  • New electrical fittings are pre-mounted on the panels and these can be repositioned or additional sockets specified at the design stage if required
  • Because the system avoids any dramatic temperature changes, it also helps to prevent damp, and both standard and interstitial condensation.
  • The system carries a 25 year insurance backed guarantee